Main Objectives

The PAPA project has six scientific objectives.

  1. To identify the key components of a European-based coach education programme for youth sport based on:
    - Examples of "good practice"
    - Empirical research
    - Contemporary theories of motivation, optimal functioning, and health behaviour determinants in children.
  2. To develop a European-based coach education programme for youth sport that will provide a realistic and practical strategy for primary prevention (i.e., eliminating the causes of chronic disease) in young people.
  3. To examine the feasibility and effectiveness of the programme as an approach to educating grassroots coaches.?
  4. To evaluate the effectiveness of the coach education programme by investigating its impact on:
    - The nature of the social environment in youth sport settings
    - Motivation to engage in physical activity
    - Well-being
    - Health behaviour patterns?
  5. To distribute evidenced-based principles of good coaching practice and project findings to:
    - The scientific community
    - National and international football coaches and association representatives
    - Child health organisations
  6. To bring PAPA project findings to the attention of sport organisations, politicians, and other policy makers concerned with youth sport and/or children's health-related issues.
Papa News
PAPA Featured on Horizon 2020

An article about the PAPA Project has been featured on the Horizon 2020 website. Horizon 2020 is the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever with nearly €80 billion of funding available over 7 years.

End of Project Dissemination Conference

To mark the formal conclusion of the PAPA project, store at the end of September 2013 members of the PAPA Project came together to present their findings at a special one-day event.